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DENIOS products protect the environment from hazardous substances. Our technical support team is available to give the best possible product and application advice in compliance with all current regulations and legislation.

Hazardous material storage

Hazardous materials storage - the expert view

DENIOS is the international market and technology leader in industrial protection and hazardous material storage. As a leading company we have been providing more than 10.000 products to our customers worldwide for more than three decades.

Certified and legally compliant hazardous materials storages protect the environment, expensive industry goods and human lifes aswell. The extensive DENIOS experience in metal and plastics engineering helps us to design and produce sustainable products in a wide range. From the smallest solution to the largest store, every DENIOS product is manufactured in our own production sites in Europe and from now on in China.

We think that our customers deserve the complete service to assume their responsibility. So the DENIOS product family provides commodities for hazardous materials handling, production and operating equipment, personal protective equipment, cleaning and disposal, thermo technology and ventilation installations.

A wide range of notable international industries of all sectors like metalworking, pharmaceutics, chemicals, automotive or life science trust DENIOS as their full service partner in environmental protection and safety. With a growing number of group companies all over the world we are able to be on the side of our customers in product offering, service and consulting

At DENIOS we offer the most comprehensive range of products relating to all aspects of hazardous materials storage, environmental protection and health and safety at work. One of our key product lines is fire-rated containers. Whether in the form of walk-in stores for small containers or shelving systems for loading with forklifts - DENIOS is already meeting REI 120 standards with products offering up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

So if you need a chemical store or a hazardous materials container and cannot afford to compromise when it comes to fire protection, you can stay on the safe side with DENIOS. As a specialist in hazardous materials technology, we also offer small storage units: from storage containers to gas cylinder cabinets to chemicals cabinets - at DENIOS, safety is not dependent on the size of the store or on the storage container. Our product range also includes gas cylinder storage as well as storage of safety drums, IBCs and small containers.