DENIOS recognised early on the importance of global environmental and water protection. We have been developing products for over 25 years for exactly this purpose. So we can reduce man's influence on the environment. So we can retain groundwater as a resource for drinking and industrial processes and avoid the risks of flammable substances. So we can protect the ecosystem as a whole.

But we always keep one thing in mind: customer value. DENIOS offers you proven, tested products for your safety. We help companies with a wide range of preventative measures, guarding against the consequences of accidents and human error.

The maintenance and protection of our natural resources is a continuous challenge. If we want to leave the coming generations with an environment that's undamaged, then we need to make the right choices today.

Our innovations, our products and services and our enthusiastic employees have helped us create a world leading company, providing hazardous materials storage and work safety products.

Our activities are divided across five business areas.
We have over 15 locations across Germany, Europe and the USA. Our ground breaking products have led to rapid company growth - we now have over 600 employees. Ecology and economics are not mutually exclusive. Our great success in environmental protection is the best proof that this undertaking is worthwhile.

Storage media, container type, storage quantity, works location, specific production requirements, laws, budgets etc: right from the first conversation our engineers will determine your concrete requirements with the right questions.

When the order is placed, then the technical work begins. A dedicated project leader will be available to assist you throughout the whole project.

With modern production facilities in Germany, France, England, Czech Republic, Italy and the USA we guarantee quick, high quality production, local to you.

Regular maintenance ensures the reliable operation of your facilities. We would be very happy to offer a quotation for ensuring the long-term operational safety and availability of your equipment.

Safe handling of hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are handled on a daily basis in many industrial sectors. We have set ourselves the challenge to make it safer to handle these materials. With a wide range of products from a spill pallet to a fire rated storage container. For legally compliant and efficient storage of flammable, toxic, oxidising and water-polluting substances. For safeguarding people and the environment.

If a made to measure individual solution is needed, we will develop one based on our high-quality standard products. From a walk-in hazmat store to a storage container or a large scale ready-to-use hazmat store. We'll take advantage of synergies between our standard products and individual production.

Whether it's hazardous materials storage inside or outside, passive or active storage, fire protection to F90/ REI 120 or storage in water protection areas: Safety is certified by numerous examinations and tests carried out by TÜV, Dekra, official material testing institutes (MPA) and Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). This makes it possibleto ensure legally compliant hazardous materials storage which is also recognised by insurers.

Efficient heating,  melting or cooling

Preparing temperature sensitive substances and ensuring their availability plays a decisive role in manufacturing processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The material properties of the substances used however can differ significantly as can the process characteristics of the various manufacturing processes.

In addition, we are seeing an intensifying level of automation and increased productivity requirements. Integration and synchronisation of thermal control systems in production processes and peripheral processes is now required. Constant temperature maintenance and speed of heating  are also becoming highly important parameters.

We are specialists in creating standardised and individual solutions: thermal technology for individual containers, heating boxes and chambers, cooling and climate control technology. The theme of energy efficiency plays an important role in the sustainable use of precious resources. DENIOS is one of the first manufacturers to have committed itself to fully achieving this goal.

Handle sensitive materials safely

Being able to use high tech equipment in a flexible way is vital for every production process. With the innovative concept of our technical / safety rooms, we have made it possible for our customers to react immediately to changing production conditions. Technical / safety rooms from DENIOS are mobile container systems for the safe housing of technical equipment. Even in the field of E-mobility.

DENIOS technical / safety rooms have proved themselves as storage or test rooms for lithium ion batteries.

Technical / safety rooms make it practically possible to use high tech equipment at any location. Flexible and mobile. Safe and protected. As a separate unit, integrated with ongoing production or as an autonomous system: always adapted to operational requirements.

These external stations meet the highest requirements and protect against unwanted environmental influences. In this way they guarantee  interruption-free operation of sensitive technical equipment. Air conditioning, reliable temperature control, active and passive fire protection, access control and protection from break-ins and vandalism are further possible options.